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Hours of Operation:  Monday-Thursday 7am-7pm  / Friday 7am-5pm / Saturdays 9am-12pm


ProSport Fitness Center is Orange County's premier Corrective Exercise Fitness facility.  We bring fitness to the next level of care and commitment to the public and its' clients, by expanding our services to a post rehabilitative process.  ProSport Fitness is committed and dedicated to their client’s safety, goals, and achievements.

Our fitness professionals are comprehensively trained in activity specific / sport specific exercise programming, performance enhancement, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, nutritional guidance, emergency care, and first aid.

Our Personal Fitness Programs are ideal for all ages, levels and physical abilities.  We build a program that suits you. We pride ourselves on offering safe one-on-one fitness programs focusing on the principles: strength, power, speed, endurance, agility, balance, flexibility, and function.

We provide fitness instruction led by Certified Exercise Professionals from multiple professional organizations:
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Let ProSport Fitness help you get FIT and stay SAFE!!

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“I received a lot of information and help that will allow me to practice the strength and flexibility exercises at my home gym!  I am now feeling confident regarding life with an artificial hip…thanks to Allen Dumolien.  ProSport Fitness seems to have the ability to only hire the BEST fitness experts.  I definitely made the right choice!”              – Julie R.  Newport Beach, CA –

"Thank you for your help and support in conditioning my knees so I could run my 20th Marathon! Best Regards."      - David S. Huntington Beach, CA-

"I had given up tennis until I began working out with Allen at ProSport Fitness. Now I'm back and playing better than ever"     - Chuck M. Irvine, CA-